Woodstock's Power of Love

Woodstock’s 50th anniversary is just ten weeks away. The release of my novel This is the Dawning: a Woodstock Love Story will be released in June. I want to be clear that I am not exploiting this historic event. While I did years of research on the festival and set the story there, the novel is about the power of love.


My father, just like Max Yasgur, was the child of immigrants. It is awe inspiring to think about what our grandparents had to endure at the turn of the twentieth century; romantic love was not at the forefront. As a kid, I never tired of hearing the story of how my parents met (each had their own version) and as the picture of them reveals, love was very much as part of their relationship.

Bill and Ida Fogelman: My own Max and Miriam

Bill and Ida Fogelman: My own Max and Miriam


As I learned more about Max and Miriam Yasgur, I was fascinated how much their backstory reminded me of my parents. The Yasgurs and their generosity of spirit become the guiding light of love for my main characters, Paul and Sylvia. They symbolize everything that we celebrate a half-century later about Woodstock.