All You Need is Love

As the Woodstock 50th Anniversary celebration draws to a close, I am one thankful hippie. I have received so much love and support for my novel: This is the Dawning: a Woodstock Love Story.

KOOP radio 91.7 gave me a voice, including Austin Artists, People United, and the the simulcast of the Woodstock 50th Anniversary Tribute Concert.

The broadcast of my book signing at Bookwoman was broadcast on Allan Campbell’s show People United and is available on KOOP’s archives

The radio personalities of KOOP, all music experts, invited me to share the hosting of August 17, 2019 concert simulcast, which you can hear on on

I’ve also learned that love doesn’t necessarily come the way you want to receive it, but the way you should receive it. The personal interactions I’ve had regarding my book are more meaningful than any anonymous review. Two people have approached me about talking to their book clubs. One woman told me she doesn’t have time to continue to read a book that doesn’t draw her in, but was immediately drawn into the story. One man asked if we will learn more about my characters in the future.

One cherished moment came from a guy who I know to be a serious reader. He is someone who is quick with a barb, but never gives false praise. He took the time to tell me how much he likes my book, the imagery, and the characters. He told me as he watched the American Experience program on PBS that he recalled scenes from my novel. This is all the validation I need to keep writing.

If you are an e-book reader, the commerative price of the Kindle version $1.69 (for 1969) in available on Amazon until August 28

Stay Groovy,